Jan 17 2020


Our Lawn Dethatching Tips for a Healthier, Lush Landscape

Discover 7 lawn dethatching tips from the pros so you can dethatch your lawn, or know what to expect when you hire a company like ours to do the work Thatch is a combination of organic matter that collects in the soil. It may include grass clippings, roots, and dead stems, among other constituents. It … Read more

Jan 10 2020


Landscape Installation Near Me: Cape Cod & Southeastern Massachusetts

Searching “landscape installation near me” because you want to add the perfect landscape to your property? Contact Maffei Landscape in Cape Cod & Southeastern MA Are you searching “landscape installation near me” because you are serious about enhancing your property’s landscape? Our dedicated team of professionals can help you realize the landscape of your dreams.  … Read more

Jan 05 2020


Annual Flower Garden Designs for Full Sun Will Impact Your Landscape

Want to add some beauty and color to your landscape? Today we share some tips for annual flower garden designs for full sun that can spruce up your property Annual flower garden designs for full sun can enhance any property if the conditions are appropriate. It is the perfect way to add inviting color to … Read more

Jan 02 2020


How Installing Landscape Edging Will Change Your Property

Installing landscape edging helps prevent invasive plants from overtaking your beds while creating a beautifully manicured property The best landscapes use edging to differentiate between beds, create walkways, and to highlight areas of the property for curb appeal. Installing landscape edging is a specialty of Maffei Landscape. If you need your landscape edged in Cape … Read more

Dec 23 2019


Discover the Benefits of a Lawn Treatment Service From Professionals

A professional lawn treatment service can be the difference between a lush, thriving landscape and one that constantly battles pests and disease A lawn treatment service from professionals often provides more than the casual home owner or property manager can do on their own. This is true because the amount of knowledge and time needed … Read more

Dec 16 2019


How Long Should You Water Your Lawn for Maximum Growth?

How long should you water your lawn? It is less about time and more about the quality of the watering that you are able to lend to your lawn Some people will be surprised to learn that they have not been watering their lawn as effectively as they could be. There are ways to water … Read more

Dec 09 2019


Garden Maintenance Service Near Me: Cape Cod & Southeastern MA

Are you searching “garden maintenance service near me” because you want a garden installed, or your current garden has become unruly? Our staff can help Garden maintenance can be a complex process. Some circumstances require a delicate touch, while others need a strong approach. From planting and pruning to moving earth and rock to installing … Read more

Dec 02 2019


Do Annual Plants Come Back Every Year? Understanding Annuals & Perennials

Are you asking, “Do annual plants come back every year?” because you are choosing which plants best suit your needs? Learn more about annuals and perennials here Do annual plants come back every year? Simply put, the answer is “No”. Annual plants have a life cycle of only one year. Annual plants need to be … Read more

Nov 18 2019


The Best Way to Reseed a Lawn is What Landscapers Know Best

Understand that the best way to reseed a lawn is going to differ depending on the circumstances, and our advice will help guide your decisions Many clients ask us about the best way to reseed a lawn. The answer to this inquiry depends heavily on the current condition of the lawn. Some scenarios can be … Read more

Nov 15 2019


Hiring Lawn Care Companies in Massachusetts is Easier with Recommendations

Successful lawn care companies in Massachusetts meet the needs of their clients and do so with commendable work Maffei Landscape is one of the lawn care companies in Massachusetts that offers full-service landscaping options, including design, installation and maintenance of both commercial and residential properties. Whether you want your lawn cared for during the growing … Read more

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