Jul 28 2017


Mashpee Landscape: Garden Design for Joy & Serenity

One of the key concepts of landscape design is knowing what type of emotional experience you want people to have as they view or move through the property. You’ve probably seen landscapes that were designed to impress: stately homes often feature formal gardens with manicured lawns and precision-trimmed shrubbery. On the other end of the … Read more

Jul 23 2017


Dennis Lawn Care Service for Busy Professionals

“You know how they say if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life?” Barry laughed. “I don’t love what I do and it feels like I’m working 24/7. This means I don’t really have time to mow the lawn – which makes my wife upset. Or if I do … Read more

Jul 14 2017


Bourne: Choosing a Lawn Care Service Makes Life Easier for Busy Seniors

“I guess I thought I’d spend my retirement the way my Dad spent his – mowing the grass and fussing over the roses,” Doug said. The Bourne homeowner laughed. “But it turns out that I’m busier than ever.” After retiring, Doug began actively mentoring young engineers, and works with a local program that encourages high … Read more

Jul 09 2017


Sandwich Style: Landscaping that Stands Out

Think of your home as a jewel, and your landscape as the setting it resides in. When the two work together aesthetically, you have tremendous curb appeal. That’s important in Sandwich, where the beauty of the natural environment is such a part of the community’s charm. Don’t Know Where To Start With Landscape Design? Here … Read more

Jul 05 2017


How to properly water your lawn

  Summer is finally here!  We are often asked some basic questions about watering the lawn.  Here are some FAQ’s and answers… How much water does my lawn need?  This varies based on weather, the amount of sun or shade your yard receives, and how hearty the grass is going into the season. Read on for … Read more

Jun 30 2017


Enjoy Your Summer: Yarmouth Lawn Care

“When people hear I’m a teacher, they always say the same thing: ‘Oh, it must be nice to have the summers off!’” Phillip said. He laughed. “The truth is that summer is the busiest time of the year. That’s when I do as much research and fieldwork as I can. It’s also when I get … Read more

Jun 29 2017


Get Maximum ROI from your commercial landscape contractor.

So you have a landscape contractor to manage your commercial properties, or you’ve decided to hire one. Chances are you will interview and get quotes from more than one. Not all commercial landscape contractors are the same! You get what you pay for; here are some helpful things to consider when hiring. Do your research. It … Read more

Jun 23 2017


Attracting Butterflies & Birds to the Yarmouth Lawn

If you love color in your landscape, the odds are pretty good that you’ll enjoy  having butterflies and birds visiting your lawn. Here in the Yarmouth area we are blessed to have a wide variety of colorful species that will brighten the landscape with only minimal encouragement. There are some choices you can make in … Read more

Jun 19 2017


Commercial Properties Need Curb Appeal Too: Falmouth Lawn Care

If you own a business or manage commercial property in Western Massachusetts, there’s some things you need to know. The public’s shopping habits have changed in ways that can really impact the amount of foot traffic your commercial properties enjoy, as well as your overall revenue stream. We’re talking about curb appeal. Your business’ appearance, … Read more

Jun 15 2017


Two Services that Will Make Your Yard Look Amazing: Mulch, Edging

Keep your landscaped garden beds lush and growing this year with high-quality, natural mulch. Edging your beds will also help keep grass out, leading to a pristine landscape

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