Jun 29 2017


Get Maximum ROI from your commercial landscape contractor.

So you have a landscape contractor to manage your commercial properties, or you’ve decided to hire one. Chances are you will interview and get quotes from more than one. Not all commercial landscape contractors are the same! You get what you pay for; here are some helpful things to consider when hiring. Do your research. It … Read more

Jun 23 2017


Attracting Butterflies & Birds to the Yarmouth Lawn

If you love color in your landscape, the odds are pretty good that you’ll enjoy  having butterflies and birds visiting your lawn. Here in the Yarmouth area we are blessed to have a wide variety of colorful species that will brighten the landscape with only minimal encouragement. There are some choices you can make in … Read more

Jun 19 2017


Commercial Properties Need Curb Appeal Too: Falmouth Lawn Care

If you own a business or manage commercial property in Western Massachusetts, there’s some things you need to know. The public’s shopping habits have changed in ways that can really impact the amount of foot traffic your commercial properties enjoy, as well as your overall revenue stream. We’re talking about curb appeal. Your business’ appearance, … Read more

Jun 15 2017


Two Services that Will Make Your Yard Look Amazing: Mulch, Edging

Keep your landscaped garden beds lush and growing this year with high-quality, natural mulch. Edging your beds will also help keep grass out, leading to a pristine landscape

Jun 13 2017


Pruning now leads to Spring blooming…

Your flowering shrubs may not look like they need a trim yet, but NOW is the best time to prune them. Rhododendrons, azaleas, andromedas, viburnum lilacs and forsythia are just some of the shrubs that should be pruned now.  These plants are forming next year’s flowering buds right now, so if you prune them in … Read more

Jun 11 2017


A Year To Rebuild: Lawn Care Tips for Barnstable

Last year’s drought conditions were rough on local lawns. Luckily, this spring brought a good amount of rain to Western Massachusetts. We certainly hope that continues but don’t want anyone to worry, there are smart irrigation systems available if the skies stay clear! That being said, it’s time to look ahead. Here’s what you can … Read more

May 25 2017


How to select a commercial landscape company

A well-maintained landscape makes a big difference in the aesthetics and value of your property. However, hiring and budgeting for a landscape company to handle that maintenance can seem overwhelming. At Maffei Landscape Contractors, we know you have choices when it comes to your commercial landscape needs. That’s why we keep our blog – to provide … Read more

May 18 2017


Which Annual Plants are best for my garden?

Factors to consider before selecting plants. Much of the success in creating a healthy and beautiful garden comes from selecting the right annual plants for your yard. There are a few things you need to consider before selecting annual plants.  First, how much effort do you want to put into managing it?  This will dictate … Read more

May 12 2017


4 Tips for Planting an Annual Garden this Spring

Are you wondering about when to plant annuals? Find out for yourself in this article now. Annuals are plants that need to be re-installed each year, as opposed to perennials which are plants that come back year after year. Generally speaking, annuals are the very colorful flowering plants that make a beautiful addition to any … Read more

Apr 28 2017


Forsythia – it sees the future!

Forsythia – that beautiful beacon of spring with its little yellow flowers!   When the forsythias bloom, we know our long winter has ended and warm sunny days are very nearby. Did you know that this pretty little bush is an excellent indicator of other things happening in your yard?   Not all good things either. The … Read more

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