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Jul 24 2018


How to Prune Plants and Trees – The Benefits of Practical Pruning

  Summer Pruning By John Figmic “I am doing this for your own good.” That’s something you might hear – or say – often in regards to parenting. Have you considered saying it to your plants? A well-known garden talk show host here in New England often advises timid gardeners to walk up to their … Read more

Jul 23 2018


Summertime and the Waterin’s Easy!

Summer irrigation tips on when is the best time to water your lawn By Nick Bennett When is the best time to water your lawn? Is it something you ever think about, or do you just turn the sprinkler on and forget it – possibly wondering why you’re not seeing the lush, beautiful landscape you’re … Read more

Jun 01 2018


Preparing Your Yard: A Brief Guide From Garden Maintenance Companies

Discover ways of maintaining your yard this year to keep it looking great, including services you can receive from garden maintenance companies It’s official! Summer has arrived and with it the gatherings, grilling and activities everyone will enjoy in your outdoor areas. Most homeowners consider routine lawn maintenance a normal part of summer tasks. But … Read more

May 19 2018


Blooming on Repeat: When to Plant Annuals & Why You Should Add Them This Season

Author: John Figmic, Account Manager Annuals can add beauty to your landscape during the most desired times. Learn more about them, including when to plant annuals, in this article Simply put, an annual is a plant that blooms all summer long. Based on that information alone, you might be able to see why there are … Read more

May 02 2018


Wake your Lawn up on the Right Side of the Bed!

Author: Nick Bennett, Account Manager Knowing how to dethatch a lawn is important for waking up your lawn and moving towards a lush, beautiful landscape Beautiful lawns don’t just happen. There are several things going on behind the scenes that make an outside space colorful and healthy. One of these items is lawn dethatching. We … Read more

May 02 2018


Landscape Success starts with Bed Cleanup and Edging

Author: Ben Curtis, Account Manager It’s official – spring has sprung. That means it’s time to get your yard and landscape in beautiful condition for the season. Where to start? We maintain that bed preparation and edging are the first steps to a well maintained and beautiful landscape. Raking leaves and other winter debris from … Read more

Aug 22 2017


Hyannis Landscape Maintenance Companies

Aug 15 2017


Cape Cod Landscape Maintenance Companies

Jul 28 2017


Mashpee Landscape: Garden Design for Joy & Serenity

One of the key concepts of landscape design is knowing what type of emotional experience you want people to have as they view or move through the property. You’ve probably seen landscapes that were designed to impress: stately homes often feature formal gardens with manicured lawns and precision-trimmed shrubbery. On the other end of the … Read more

Jul 23 2017


Dennis Lawn Care and Landscape Service for Busy Professionals

Are you looking for a Dennis lawn care and landscape company that can make your property look its best? Contact our team today for your best results “You know how they say if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life?” Barry laughed. “I don’t love what I do and … Read more

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